Well of Wisdom

Returning to the heart is the core of the practice. Out of the rational mind, deep breath into the body, and reconnect with the heart. The place of evergreen revitalization, your inner realm. Through guided practices and intimate time with self, we reconstruct an internal sanctuary for those who wish to deepen their roots into their rich soul.

My Journey

I've never been able to settle. This led me on an extensive and exhausting search when I found myself in deep depression. I scoured for effective ways of tending to the wounded emotional body because I needed it... desperately. 


When I experienced a shift in myself that traditional therapy and psychiatric medication never touched, I knew that I was on the right track.


Through my in-depth exploration of ancient holistic healing remedies such as reiki, meditation, and yoga, I gathered a diverse and effective skillset, gained a new perspective on suffering, and uncovered a richness within myself.


I am excited to support you in reconnecting with the radiant source of evergreen love within. 


"Wow this was just amazing. Such a beautiful script, you have an amazing voice, and there was such nice music and everything came together so well. I really enjoyed this, and I definitely felt that it was very powerful."

Rahul, Singapore

"I don't know how I came upon your content but I greatly appreciate it. I have been having panic/anxiety attacks the past two years and I finally feel like I have connection to someone. Thank you for your work."

Omar, USA

"Jordyn recorded two meditations for me. She understood right away what kind of meditation I was looking for. Her voice is beautiful and the quality of the recording is amazing! Thank you so much!"

Saly, Germany